06th Jun2013

Album Review: Anton Zap – Water

by Matthew Smith

Water album cover

Water, it comes in many forms but I bet you didn’t know it was music too! Anton Zap’s new album entitled “Water” is a mix of new and re-released songs that all express a different quality of water in each of them. Anton is a veteran of the electronic genre, he has been around since the 90s and has done pretty much everything that electronica has to offer including ambient mixes, industrial, and old fashioned house music. There are only 7 tracks to this album but they are all long cut tracks with very little lyrics to them.


Anton does a wonderful job infusing this album with the sounds of water. His first song entitled just “Water” involves the listener in a rainstorm of percussion and slow drag on the bass. The song itself imagines a steady rainstorm that is revolving around its own rhythm. The listener sits under a corrugated aluminum roof watching waves of rain go by and soak the emerald green field in front of him with a dark sky over head. I really like this song because it makes me think of the lovely rainy days that I’ve experienced in my life, it just feels like the world is at rest. “Miles and More” goes back to Anton’s roots in industrial and gives his water theme a metallic quality. There’s a lot of reverberation off of metal like objects in a busy percussion environment. For me it resembles a city that is in the middle of a rain storm. The hustle and bustle of city life wrapped within the tranquility of the usual routine. Humans are creatures of habit and tend to practice our routine as a sort of safety blanket, which I feel rain adds an increased sense of relaxation to whole situation.

The final song in the album entitled “Miniature” creates an ambient tone that represents possibly a spring thaw. The tone starts off in a pristine manner and slowly adds the drum beat to it suggesting melting taking place in this pristine soundscape. I picture it as a forest scene covered in ice and snow and is slowing springing to life as water begins to drip from everything in the area. The creek in the background raging faster and faster as each drop coalesces into it.


I often have trouble trying to point out the flaws in the albums I review because each album has its own unique flares about them and they contribute in a positive way to the album itself. I would say one of the more obvious cons to this album is that there are so few pieces on it and only a few of them are new tracks. I don’t mind re-releases but with a small album I feel that this hurts the overall selling point of it. Another negative here that some of the pieces like “Miniature” have a sort of generic soundscape tone to them that I’ve heard elsewhere. I’m not saying his music in general is generic because it’s not as there are some wonderful pieces in there but I feel like I have heard a couple of these songs in the past and I have never listened to this artist before now.



While some of the more powerful negatives have hurt my judgment of “Water”, I still think it is worthy of a purchase but only if you have not picked up some of his previous albums. “Water” is a good window into the electronica world and it acts like a sampler of the different sub genres contained within it such as industrial, and ambient. It does not lack on polish whatsoever, Anton Zap knows how to finely tune his pieces for his audience. “Water” will be released June 18 so you have a few days to make your decision if it is worth it to you or not.


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