07th Jun2013

Festival Recap: FPSF – Day Two

by Jake Spurgeon

FPSF INTRO day twoWelcome to the second day of the FPSF recap. Day one was exhausting… the sun was relentless and the amount of people didn’t help matters any. Day two, however… was much nicer. During the night and the morning it had rained quite a bit and remained cloudy until around 5 that afternoon.

Cat Power

Kat Power Kat Power 2

As we made our way to see Matt and Kim, we stopped and listened to Cat power for a few songs.

Matt and Kim

MK crowd MK 3 MK

I never realized just how energetic this duo is!! They really know how to get an audience going, and if they come back to Houston soon, i’ll definitely be seeing them. Also, they sound amazing live…. probably even better than in studio.

Of Monsters and Men

Crowd omam 1 omam 4 omam 3 omam 2 omam

The whole reason I went to Free Press… was just to see this band. Sure the other bands were totally worth it… but this was what sold my ticket. I love Of Monsters and Men. My Head is an Animal (their first and only CD) as been in my car for about 6 months. So was I disappointed? Heck no… they were great, and we actually got really close to them. The setlist did need some tweaking, because at one point Ragnar Þórhallsson (male lead singer) said “this next song is about friendship, and it’s called “Your Bones” (queue me screaming like a little girl) “. Then the band did a little huddle and they changed the song to “Love Love Love”. The audience and I sort of felt cheated because, they had promised us “Your Bones” only to never play it…. bummer. Still a great show though.

Macklemore… sort of


Okay, so Of Monsters and Men ran over, and we were late to Macklemore. this was the closest we could actually get.. it was insane. The walk there seemed like a parade because everyone was heading to the same venue. I will say though, that I was impressed with his performance. Even though we pretty much were watching him on the two big screens, he is a very gifted rapper. The crowd when wild for “Same Love” and “Can’t Hold Us” and I assume they did the same for “Thrift Shop” as well.. but we missed it.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Grace grace potter grace 3 grace 5 grace 7 grace 8 grace 2 grace 6


That woman you see above… as more talent than some famous people in the spotlight today. She was a powerhouse… not many people can cover the Black Sabbath classic “War Pigs” and make my jaw hit the floor like her and her band did. She’s balls to the wall rock n’ roll as she is sweet and sensual.  I had a blast watching Grace Potter and the Nocturnals preform, we were pretty close and the surrounding mood was light, and so was the crowd. Which turned out perfect for us because we managed to get pretty close.




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