09th Jul2013

Album Review: Simone Fiorletta – Personalities

by Matthew Smith

Simone Fiorletta - Personalities

Simone Fiorletta’s “Personalities” is an instrumental metal/rock album that was released on June 7 and was somewhat elusive to me for quite some time, however it was all worth it in the end. Fiorletta is an Italian rock guitarist that is starting to garner attention worldwide with his instrumental albums. He began his career in instrumental rock with his first album entitled “The Life Inside” in 2004 and has garnered much momentum by building upon his work and refined it to a more mature level. He uses a wide range of attitudes, or personalities if you will, throughout his new album to weave a multifaceted and complex sound experience.


For me “Personalities” has been a completely pleasurable experience to listen to. The album itself has an incredible uniqueness to it that has made it unlike any other instrumental album I have encountered. It really reminds of how Japanese rock sounds with a twist something I can’t put my finger on. Japanese rock has a special place in my heart from when I was kid and watched anime, especially Bleach. His first song of note is entitled “Waiting To See You Again” and it is absolutely my favorite song at this point in time. The rhythm, tempo, and timbre of the song are absolutely spot on for producing a feeling of excitement and call to action. This is the song that reminds me of those long 16 episode anime fights I used to watch . It’s also a great workout song because of its rhythmic tone that just gets the blood pumping when you need it most! “Thirty” is also another amazing song that is worth discussing. Another blood pumping type song, his sense of how his rhythm flows within the song and makes his guitar scream is just incredible. Fiorletta has a near sixth sense with his guitar, he utilizes everything it has to offer in the creation of this wonderful album. In “Time of War”, Simone brings out his funky guitar and really brings the 70s back to the present. With his impressive rifts throughout the piece he really gives the current generation a taste of the old funk rock of days long past.


For the first time since I started reviewing albums here at 402 productions I have zero complaints about an album. The only one I can think of is it’s a crime that people who enjoy rock/metal haven’t heard this album yet!



Overall this album is a must buy. If you are a fan of the guitar and love instrumentals you NEED to pick up this album. It’s worth the effort to pick up “Personalities” as it is an impressive collection of what Simone Fiorletta is capable of. I really think he is someone that should be watched because he is only going to get bigger from here on out. So do yourself a favor and pick this album up today and before you know it your hair will be standing on end and doing an air guitar like I do when I go through his album! Happy listening!


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