30th Aug2013

Live Roll: Melvins 30th Anniversary Show @ Slim’s, 8/22

by Ethan Sawyer


The Melvins commemorated their 30 years of existence as the single most consistent & recognizable troubadours of American metal and hardcore with a anniversary tour that summarized their entire career with key members of the band in-tact. Supported on this leg of their tour by the Southern metal group, Honky, the Melvins stormed into Slim’s and hit the crowd with a walloping set that reminded their loyal fans how vital their music is.

Buzz Osbourne, or King Buzzo, took the stage in a sort of spaced-themed muumuu with his signature hair now grayed but majestic as ever. One of the more admirable and larger-than-life figures I’ve ever seen live, his voice and chops were fully on-point as he tore through classics like “Hooch’ and “Lizzy”. The signature bruising rhythm-section was incredible, as well. Drummers Dale Crover and Coady Willis and bassist Jared Warren pounded through songs together, while Crover and Willis linked the setlist together with solo interludes and a bombastic outro.

The Melvins continue to be prolific, live and on record, with a covers album, Everybody Loves Sausages, released earlier this year and a new full-length with original member Mike Dillard, Tres Cabrones, due out in November.
















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