Becoming a Writer

For those looking for an entry level writing position…

Writers for 402 Reviews come out of the woodwork from various places. It should be noted that much of our staff have no aspirations in pursuing professional journalism, or professional careers in music whatsoever. This divides a large chunk of those who want to become writers, if you can imagine. For instance, the student who wants to pursue journalism (whether it’s travel journalism or music journalism or something else) might see a fit here but may be very taken back when they begin writing for 402 Reviews since many of us do not share that same drive or ambition. Just as well, the person looking to angle a way into the music industry might want to become a writer because of the access to management and PR companies. Yet again, this person would be very taken back since our usage of these management and PR companies are in no way related to someone from 402 Reviews jumping into another position at a record label/management company/PR firm/studio/etc. So, if you fall into one of these categories then I would highly suggest you think hard about whether becoming a writer for 402 Reviews would benefit your long-term goals.

For those who want to write because they purely just love to write and listen to music…

This site was born out of a passion. Each of our writers are passionate in what they document on this website, whether it is filming a live show or conducting an interview or just writing a review on a short two-song EP. A popular quote I’ve heard passed around goes something along the lines of if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. This can be true to a few people, but for most of us we will likely find work at a place we can tolerate and enjoy hobbies and passions outside of that realm. Case and point: our writers here. We find complete enjoyment through listening to an album from front to back and then gabbing about it on this site since many, if not most, of our friends would have no real clue as to what we are talking about. We don’t get paid from this (notice that there are no ads on this site). We don’t get kick backs from any label or group. The way it works is that we are on massive amounts of newsletters about upcoming releases, then we have to go out on our own spare time to request these albums, and then make time to listen to it multiple times and then review it. Sometimes we have to jump through a few hoops to get to an album we really want. Sometimes it comes to us. In any case, there is a fair amount of work involved to do this and no one is gaining anything other than the pure satisfaction that we get to listen to new music, review it, and every now and then get access to the artists for interviews. That is the reward: a completely musically-related hobby. If none of that has scared you away, then you might want to highly consider writing for us.

Writing prerequisites

-You should be knowledgeable in the realm of independent artists, with a premium to those who specialize in small-label and no-label artists.
-You should be able to write furiously and passionately, adhering to guidelines and deadlines.
-You should have fresh ideas as to how you want to deliver your media.
-You should also be willing to write frequently, if not often.

If you have these qualifications and feel inclined to write for us, drop me an email! Editors [at] 402 Productions [dot] com. Please make the subject line “Becoming a writer” or something very similar to that.

If you want to ask any of us writers more questions about writing for this site, please feel free to email me or stop by our weekly Wednesday chat room (usually begins around 5pm PST).

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