402 Productions is a music reviews website. We review the latest music from the current year as well as trying to promote music that has little to no press presence. We prioritize writing reviews for said bands with a lacking press presence in an attempt to shine light on music that has yet to find a footing on the music business side of things.

This website is maintained by volunteer writers, photographers, and web designers who collect no paycheck for their work here. In fact, this website collects no revenue at all (notice the lack of ads). We have no interest in making money off of our work here. We only want to promote music and meet people who are also interested in our vision.


“Is it a drug reference or something?”

“It’s a play on 420, surely…”

“Not implying anything… but has to be a drug related thing… or…?”

Usually, those are the first guesses at why we’re named 402 Productions. In very rare circumstances have I heard Oh, from Omaha! Cool! Alas, we are not from Omaha, nor is it a play on 420 or anything to do with drugs or weed at all. For this story, we must go back a few years…

One of those awkward high school nights where none of our usual friends were hanging out — rather, a hodge podge of a few friends from every tiny group from high school were hanging around a Cold Stone Creamery one night. Our friend, Derek Tekus, was getting off work next door at Starbucks and we were waiting on another friend to meet up with the two or so car loads of people. Due to some stupid and very unlikely circumstances, the lady who was the boss at Cold Stone decided that we were harassing her single employee (mind you, it’s the winter and it’s almost closing time). Regardless of the harassing of her employee (we were not harassing anyone at this point), the only people in the vicinity are us. Finally, the boss lady tells us she is calling the cops on us for harassing her employee. Derek Tekus, who just got off, begins making fun of this ridiculous notion that we were somehow harassing this person at all from outside of the Cold Stone as we talk amongst ourselves in a little huddled circle. He proposed the police in this small town we lived in would eat up the call and would come check out the ruckus. He believed the call that would go out over all police frequencies would say Uh, there’s a 402 in progress at Cold Stone Creamery. Kids standing around talking in front of a business, being mistaken for criminals. And thus, 402 was born.

Of course, an actual 402 in California is based around “impeding rescue effects”, which I think is a fancy way of saying someone is trying to block the attempts of  rescue job or something. To us, 402 means something vastly different. Those random friends outside of that stupid ice cream place ended up shooting movies together and filming live bands for a few years. They started to get a little more serious about it in college. During college, things became harder to do because of distance between everyone. This, with conflicting ideas of what 402 should become, stalemated the entire company aspect built around the friends of 402.

In it’s place, a very strange forum existed. Yet again, everyone in the community gathered together because of very strange reasons (other forums closing, people wanting to stay together and connected, the lack of Facebook accounts for many at this time). The community grew larger and the forum regulars became more frequent and friendly. Soon enough, everyone was exchanging phone numbers and contact info for meet-ups.

It wasn’t until very recently, within the last three years, that 402 Productions became a music reviews website. The scope is truly about finding the newest and latest music and reviewing this for those diving for new music. In a sense, we are promoting the artists and bands that have yet to break through. We hope to become a channel that allows these very new artists and bands to be seen and heard well before they are overshadowed by the latest craze or overlooked because an editor at a larger website liked a different band more. We take a very no-nonsense approach to reviews and try to make it as objective as possible.

In this, 402 itself is much more than the name. The history doesn’t really make sense as to how we got here… but from inside looking out, it makes perfect sense. 402 has always been about the strange, the new, the exciting, the terrifying, the uncharted, and the list goes on. We exist not just out of passion, but out of need. It’s an easy way to describe who we are and why we are. We live and breathe 402.

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