To contact our writers about anything

Email: writers at 402 productions dot com

You can also email our editors (editor-in-chief being Ryan Gabos) at editors at 402 productions dot com.

please indicate what the email is in regards to (e.g. band review, interview, love/hate mail). Usually, the most appropriate nomenclature for the subject line is who you are and what you’re promoting (i.e. Nate Pavlot and the Finley’s releasing debut album Nick’s Our Boss in May).

Although some emails may get lost in the spam filter, we usually respond to most of our emails. If you don’t receive an email back, however, that’s most likely because we are usually swamped with emails or work in our real lives… so if you don’t hear from us within a week or two, feel free to send us another email if you need to.

At times, we will pass an email to an available staff writer. If this happens, you can continue to contact them for everything you need.

To bands and artists looking for a review

We love new bands and artists looking for a review. If you have a digital copy of your album, email us a link with any other info and we’ll listen it up. But please, only valid music media formats. All questionable formats will just be discarded. Attach at your own discretion. Also, we don’t want to download massive FLAC files, so try not to send me intense uncompressed/lossless sound files either. Also, EPKs are usually helpful if you have them. If not, we’ll have to dig around for info (time consuming, which usually means delayed reviews from us). YouTube channels and BandCamp pages are also VERY helpful, as we use embedded media for almost all my reviews.

Remember that 402 Productions tries to focus on the LATEST music, which we define as of this current year. If you are submitting an album that came out last year then we will most likely not review it. We are trying to promote the latest releases from relatively unknown bands and artists (which are normally new bands and artists), so please try to refrain from sending us albums from last year.

For reference (this goes out especially to the bands and artists with no PR help) please take a look at these two posts about getting press from Nick Wan:

What goes into a general press kit

How to get reviewed on 402 Productions

To anyone else looking for a review of something

We do occasionally review things that are loosely related to music (i.e. books, music tech, etc.) and also things that are not music related at all (i.e. movie reviews, interest pieces, etc.) but this is normally on a case-by-case basis. If you have a pitch of some sort, please contact nick at 402 Productions dot com.

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