02nd Jan2013

Track Review: Eddie Cuddy – Vanishing Act

Eddie Cuddy, New Jersey native and current Stony Brook resident, has always been tinkering in the studio. Aside from his countless hours of studying biology and chemistry,...

31st Dec2012

2012 Albums of the Year

Adam Finley and I discussed via text message that the music of 2012 wasn’t amazing. I think 2010 was a fairly stellar year. 2011 was the once-potential...

30th Dec2012

Finley’s Top 8 Cover Songs of 2012

“We formed this band when we were 18-19, we couldn’t play… We were just like ‘Let’s get together and play some cover songs, drink some vodka…’ a...

27th Dec2012
The Turin Horse 5

Blake’s Top 10 Films of 2012

A Humble Preface From Blake This year I made it a priority to keep my ear to the ground regarding new film (as if it isn’t a...

26th Dec2012

Live Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Slims, 12/19

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are one of those iconic bands to come out of wonderful San Francisco who haven’t died off yet, but we thought they did....

26th Dec2012

5 Best Kids React episodes with Emma R.

  This past year I’ve been addicted to Kids React, a weekly (and now, sometimes-weekly) YouTube show featuring kids’ live responses to random videos on the internet...

24th Dec2012

Album Reviews: Mount Eerie – Ocean Roar

It’s here. The companion album and successor to this year’s earlier Clear Moon has arrived; (a few months ago, so it’s kind of past the point of ‘arrival’). Mount Eerie...

19th Dec2012

Live Roll: John Cale @ The Great American Music Hall, 12/12

The legendary John Cale was captured by 402 photographer Annie Tsui a handful of days ago. He wasn’t the most vibrant of stage artists; but then again,...

17th Dec2012
Griz Bear

Album Reviews: Grizzly Bear – Shields

Brooklyn-based quartet Grizzly Bear are unanimous frontrunners in the indie rock scene these days. Beginning as Ed Droste’s lo-fi bedroom recordings, the full outfit evolved over the course of...

14th Dec2012

Album Reviews: Dan Deacon – America

Whether you have heard of him or not, everyone knows Dan Deacon in some way. To those who have seen the infamous “Drinking Out Of Cups” viral...